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Morocco to be sole producer of 3rd gen Sandero

The Renault Dacia group has decided that the third generation of the Sandero model will be produced exclusively in Morocco – where part of Dacia’s models have been produced so far as well. Meanwhile, the higher added-value model Sandero Stepway will continue to be produced in Mioveni.full article The Sandero is currently built in

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Nine finance hubs of the future –

Experts are tipping some unlikely places to become tomorrow’s finance capitals. Mention Morocco and most would first think of the exotic markets of Marrakech, the desert dotted with ancient kasbahs and, of course, the classic 1942 wartime film “Casablanca.” But Casablanca, the main port city of Morocco, is among the places being tipped by experts

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Wharton compare Casablanca à Dubaï

La visibilité internationale et la crédibilité de Casablanca en tant que place financière africaine et internationale a conduit le Lauder Institute (Wharton) à réaliser une étude sur la question, mettant en évidence un parcours similaire à la montée de Dubaï. Source: Une étude de Wharton compare Casablanca Finance City à Dubaï

Morocco topples SA As Leading Investment Destination for Renewables in Africa

Fieldstone Africa, the leading independent investment bank in the energy and infrastructure sector, issued the October edition of the Fieldstone Africa Renewables Index (FARI). FARI, which is released three times a year, ranks African countries in terms of their current suitability to invest and achieve successful renewable projects. The latest FARI (Fieldstone Africa Renewables Index)

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A star rises in the Arab west

A rising star in the west Adapted from the economist A smaller country than Egypt, and far from the upheavals to the east, Morocco has been much more successful than the competition at holding on to its all-important tourist industry while shifting away from tailored adventures to the mass market. It is building up its

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Morocco Gateway to Europe and Africa

[responsive_slider] With its effective transport infrastructure and economic ties in the region, Morocco is becoming an important gateway to the African continent. Although European countries remain Morocco’s key trading partners, trade with Africa has been growing in importance in recent years. As Moroccan companies grow in size they are increasingly looking for merger and acquisition

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FDI up in N-Africa, bucking continental trend

Political uncertainty following the Arab Spring in 2011 is beginning to fade, and North Africa is becoming more attractive as an investment destination. Foreign direct investment (FDI) investors returned enthusiastically to Egypt and Morocco. Politically stable, gateway to both Europe and Africa, and committed to reforms aimed at increasing foreign investment, Morocco was the largest recipient

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Welcome to Morocco!

Building on its previous industrial development strategy, in 2014 Morocco introduced an ambitious seven-year industrial growth and acceleration plan. It allocates USD 2.1 billion to a public industrial investment fund to support programs that will increase manufacturing’s share of GDP from 14 to 23 percent and to create 500,000 new jobs by 2020. The plan

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Invest in Morocco

With FDI projects up 52% in Morocco, Casablanca becoming the highest ranked stock exchange in Africa and the government multiplying incentives, Morocco, gateway to Europe and Africa, is truly pioneering economic growth. Politically stable with world class shipping & transport infrastructure, a young and educated workforce, ambitious new industrial ecosystems, heavy investment in renewables and

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