Requesting a Criminal Background check online in Morocco

You can now request a criminal background check online, aka ‘Extrait de Casier Judiciaire’. Whereas before foreigners needed to travel to Rabat, they can now submit their information online and then can pick up the paper at the Tribunal de Commerce de Première Instance in Marrakech, but foreigners resident in other town can choose a collection point closer to them. Many towns in Morocco will have a collection point set, they are listed in the website and their address provided upon completion of submission.

When submitting the information online, you will be required to attach a scan of the passport page with the picture, and a scan of your Résident’s card (CIN ) if you have one.If you do not have one, for example if you are applying for a new ‘Carte de Séjour’ because your passport has run out, you must upload a scan of the passport page with the stamped date of your last arrival.

Please note that:

• The accepted formats are JPG, the common scan format, and JPE,JPEG,PNG, but each must be less than 1MB in size.

• The landing page is in Arabic, but you can select English, Francais or Español in the top left corner of the welcome screen.

• Upon collection, you will need a Dh10 fiscal stamp. (You might find these difficult to find. If so, you can pay with a Dh20 stamp)

Please let us know how it goes and update us on information about different situation.

Here is the link

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