Morocco renewables in a nutshell: $13bn towards a 42% RE as early as 2020

The World Future Council has released its latest report with policy recommendations for a transition towards 100% Renewable Energy. Morocco has so far adopted a broad strategy that includes three main pillars of action:

a legal & regulatory framework favourable to renewable energy expansion ;
institutions to manage, supervise and promote renewable energy projects;
major financial investments to build the required renewable energy facilities.

Renewable Energy Target
Morocco already exploit its local renewable energy sources, but through this $13 billion worth of expansion and through a series of new energy policies and regulations, is committed to sourcing 42% (or 6,000 MW) of the country energy needs by 2020.

The Integrated Solar Energy Generation Project
With huge potential, abundant indigenous wind and solar resources, Morocco has been at the centre of major investments and large scale renewable energy projects. Launched in 2009, alongside the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), the integrated Solar Energy Generation Project aims for total installed capacity of 2000 throughlarge scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic facilities in 5 different areas, a total of 10 000 hectares or 4.5 Twh (18% of current national electricity production).

$9 Bn Investment & Financing

Mostly financed by the Moroccan government, the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), African Development Bank (AfDB), the World Bank (WB), and the European Investment Bank (EIB), this was alos open to private and international funding unde MASEN supervision. As the technology matures, further private investors are expected to participate.

NOOR Solar Complex Final 500MW blending CSP and PV

The first project NOOR I, with a capacity of 160 MW, is a CSP trough of 160MW with 3 hours of storage.
The two other projects (NOOR II, 350 MW total, 200MW CSP, 8 hours of storage & NOOR III (150MW CSP tower, 8 hours of storage) were awarded in January 2015 and
The MASEN has invited expressions of interest (EoIs) for Noor PV I,

Source April 14, 2015/in Business /by Solar Business Hub