Residence Permit Required Documents for Shareholders


Residence Permit Required Documents for Shareholders

The list below is dated 2016-03-28 and may have changed since.

For definite confirmation of the information below, you will need to go to the local ‘bureau des étrangers’, which is normally in the prefecture where you live. You normally cannot enter a prefecture with your phone, but we found if we ask to take a picture of the lists, a policeman agreed to our requst and acoompanied us while we took the picture.

Prefer the French Version, updated more often

Always record the French version even if there is an English version as it seems the English version is not refreshed as often as the French one and may be out of date. For example, the list of declared employees did not appear in the English version we saw. We try our best to provide accurate information but we cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies posted here.

Here is the list

• Copy of the passport page with the identity of the applicant and that of the last entry visa to Morocco.
• Certificate of residence issued by the local authorities (Mr le Caïd).
• Act of property purchase or residential lease. (Acte d’achat ou bail commercial)
• Marriage certificate or family book (certificate de famille) for married applicants or adularia marriage certificate if one spouse is Moroccan + Copy of the spouse’s identity card
• Copy of spouse’s identity card or passport.
• Articles of association of the company.
• Company registration (Registre du commerce aka model J) of the year of application for residency permit.
• Professional Tax Registration Certificate (Taxe Professionelle aka Patente) of the year of application for residency permit.
• Formal minutes of the company’s yearly shareholders meeting. (Procès Verbal d’Assemblée Générale.
• Commercial lease
• List of Declared Employees (Attestation des employés declares) from the CNSS (Social security fund)
• Bank certificate proving deposit of the company’s founding capital.
• Last 3 company bank statements (monthly)
• Personal Banking Certificate and last 3 (monthly) statements.
• 08 pictures (35mm x 45mm with grey background).
• Fiscal Stamp Fee in cash (100 dhs / year).
• Medical certificate showing that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious disease.
• Criminal record the country of origin for the first application, and for renewals an extract of the applicant criminal record as held by the Ministry of Justice in Rabat *.
• Curriculum Vitae (CV) for the first application.

Be careful

These documents are to be supplied in duplicate alongside the original no older than (03) months. Copies should be certified as authentic (legalisée) in a Moqqataha.
* Now available online at
Read our article online about requesting a criminal records extract.